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May 24th 2024

Any description of the Boston Celtics absolutely has to include

The Celtics first two playoff opponents – the Miami Heat & the Cleveland Cavaliers both were decimated by injuries – key players in Boston cases.

Now, Indiana loses – likely- Tyrese Halliburton on top of being down 2 games to none.

You’ll hear ‘it’s never over until you lose on your home court.’

It’s over. Bummer too because this series had potential to be very exciting and dangerous to a Celtics team that still has that “something’s missing” aura within it.

The sweep is coming and the rest might backfire. A real great wake-up call will be if Mr. Kyrie Irving and the Dallas Mavericks emerge out of the West.

Absolute must win for the NY Rangers. No opinion other than to submit the obvious: The Florida Panthers are very good… in every facet.

T-Wolves in a nice bounce back.

Caitlin and the 0-5 Indiana Fever hope to ignite a spark in LA against the “Sparks.”
ION TV has the telecast and ranks as a National Broadcast I suppose.
I think I get …eye on TV.
9p Central…

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