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May 23rd 2024

Really ? Pacers & Fever!
Can you inbounds a basketball!!??

On consecutive nights, these two Hoosier State Athletic Entities were unable to execute simple passes to put a basketball in play to an awaiting teammate.

Her Airness, Caitlin Clark, fumbled a simple pass last night in the final seconds denying the Indiana Fever a shot at gaining their first win of the season. Trailing by a point, there was no guarantee of a Fever score to win the game.

Ok, fair enough… but can you just simply catch & shoot? It’s like the Pacers and Fever are drinking from the same water bottles!

The Fever are now 0-5. Coach Sides took Clark out of the game for 2 critical minutes with the game on the line. Clark had blood on shirt? Call
a timeout? Injury time out? Looked to me like she was giving CC a “breather.”

CC finished with 21 points along with 7 rebounds and 7 assists.
It was a grind and she is surrounded by seemingly befuddled teammates.

Coach Sides doesn’t need a seat warmer on her ride to work; her seat is hot and, frankly, rightly so. Her game management is a mess.
Her failure to disrupt oppositional runs is exasperating. Worse, CC doesn’t connect with her … at all.

36 of the Indiana Fever games are slated for Nationwide TV; ESPN has to be second-guessing this decision.
CC Effect is wearing thin and garbage-time logo
3’s feel like a game of Horse to me.

Sides might be gone by June 1.

The Pacers, leading by 1 with :01 to go in the game and inbounds the ball into the Boston basket and lose by 1.

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