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June 14th 2024

Len & Kenn. My Dad and his brother Kenn. As I watch the U.S. Open this morning in Dallas, I’m thinking of them. It’s Father’s Day weekend and that means our national golf championship and great memories.

Dad loved golf and the camaraderie with it. He mastered the ability to still be talking while striking the ball. Every shot he gave a “very optimistic” play-by-play description!

Uncle Kenn “The Candy Man” Tirrell was a blast to play a round of golf with. Much of our matches were contested at the Crumpin-Fox Club in our native Massachusetts. Candy was a straight-shooting grinder. Off the tee he was right down the middle; didn’t hit it far, but kept it on the short hair.(the fairway)…

With both of these Cats, there was action. $ was on the line and it was small stakes; the $ was secondary—this was about bragging rights. Lenny was into gamesmanship too. Again, talking constantly. After putting out you’d get a complete recap of the hole just completed. Often I wondered if we were playing the same round?! So funny and I miss him and these times so much.

Father’s Day arrives again on Sunday. Both Dad and Uncle Kenn passed away in the last few years. I don’t think about them enough. Today and Sunday I’m going to have a threesome of golf with myself and them. Pops will be swinging and talking; Uncle Kenn will be hitting him short and straight.

I, on the other hand, will bask in the glow of memories of a simpler time; a time of a father/son sojourn around a golf course and showing love the way men do. And an uncle who was as sweet as “Candy”…

Isaiah 43:2

Len Tirrell

Picture of Kenn “ Candy Man “ Tirrell

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