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June 15th-16th 2024

Geez Dallas, act like you’ve won something!

The Mavericks 122-84 drubbing of the Boston Celtics was painful indeed. Yet, it’s nothing more than a “Stay of Execution, Texas Style.”

This goofy franchise with a collection of crybabies and misfits, is not winning any NBA Championship anytime soon.

Predictably, the Celtics were in full tank mode and looked like a team they wanted to be anywhere but American Airlines Arena.

Jaylen Brown was putrid; Jayson Tatum was even worse. Turnovers, horrible shot selections and listless on defense. The Celtics treated Game 4 like it was a preseason tilt.

Fear not, Monday night the Celtics will win a long overdue, high-scoring game —
( these grunge matches are over) and send the
Miserable Mavs along their way.

The Skinny:
Rory is poised to win his 2nd US Open… -9 seems to be the number…

Croatia 🇭🇷 in Euro 2024 today…

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