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June 13th 2024

On the cusp. The Boston Celtics most assuredly are going to be NBA Champions for the 18th time.

Two blanks to be filled in:
What game gets it done? ______?

Who is the MVP?————————

What you may have missed :
Luka Doncic cries after every freakin’ play.

Kyrie Irving is just a weird cat.
Wouldn’t want him on my team.
Mavs lose and he smiles.

Mark Cuban dyes his hair. Badly.

Celtics fans were too overheated to start trouble in Big D.
Heat index is over 100 and the Mavs can’t outscore it.

Having Mike Gminski alongside analyzing is gold. G-Man best sidekick ever. Loves Roundball.

The acoustic guitar for the National Anthem was sad… almost offensive to the Game 3 crowd at American Airlines Center.

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