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June 12th 2024

Dallas, Texas-

Cleaning out my sports “junk

Red Sox fan for life, yet I’m pledging my allegiance to the Philadelphia Phillies. This P group reminds of 79-80 visiting
a friend – Doug Stotz- at UPenn and grabbing the SEPTA to Veteran’s Stadium to watch the
Phils. We’ll try and be in Philly for a few shows this summer.

Up 2-0, 86 percent of NBA teams win the series and the Championship. Number 18 for the greatest franchise in the history of sports is on its way.
The C’s!

Orioles – Phillies would be a a great World Series… just sayin’.

Sean Grande is the best radio
play by play guy in the NBA…
Sharp, prepared and knows the “moment” when it’s happening!
You can’t reach that – it’s talent.
Closing in on 25 years at the Celtics microphone. Ironic, both legendary Celtics announcers were born in New York City. Grande and Johnny Most. That should be a DQer- but we’ve been blessed to listen to them over 60 plus years.

Show tonight : Mike Gminski on Celtics/Mavs…
Evan Roberts WFAN….

Dallas gets a W tonight – Kyrie goes off!

We’re inside 74 days to 🏈!

Love the mags. Athlon, Lindy’s and Phil Steele is 2 1/2 weeks out!

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