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May 4/5th 2024

Perfect timing. Snapped on headset, ready to roll Saturday night 7p East, the 150th Kentucky Derby in a breath-taking finish as the radio show unfurled …
Mystik Dan by a …”half a nose!”
Sierra Leone and Forever Young in a blanket finish sorted out by a black & white photo.
Producer Daniel Ogden had to have put a few bucks down on his “Dan” namesake?!

Trivia: There is one other great “Mystik or Mystical” sports correlation in history. Without Google — ask friends for sure —and see if you can come up with it.

Answer: Right here tomorrow.

Bruins as “Pasta” delivers! David Pasternak responds to call out by coach Jim Montgomery.

T-Wolves. Anthony Edwards is a beast. 43 points last night, road win grabbing home court advantage away from the Nuggets. Our choice in West.

Today: Cavaliers. But they’ll work for it.
NY Rangers. They’ll let one in this series get away. Not today, however.
DALLAS STARS in the clincher.

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