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May 6th 2024

Wow! What a weekend!
1- Kentucky Derby riveting! There should have been an inquiry just to dispel any doubt there was no infraction in the final strides of an epic finish. Mystik Dan guided to victory by jockey Brian Hernandez, Jr. with a masterful ride along the rail.
Yet again, a Louisiana jockey steals the show In Louisville on the first Saturday in May.
And there will be those who will suspect some “pushing of the envelope.” Another words: Cheating!
Just sayin’

2- Kyle Larson wins the AdventHealth 400 at the Kansas Motor Speedway in a scintillating photo finish.

3-Donovan Mitchell said “not today” with his performance in the Cleveland Cavaliers Game 7 win over the Orlando Magic. He threw the Cavs on his back and showed what it means to “take over an NBA game.”

4- Dallas Stars & NY Rangers. They might just meet in the Stanley Cup Finals. Sunday they gave us, perhaps, a preview in separate games.

5-Listener Bill Kearbey roped me into a Sunday bike ride in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Our sojourn called for a lunch break at the amazing “Truman’s” on the fringe of the East Village of Iowa’s capitol city.
The place is incredible, clean and a virtual museum of the KC Chiefs.
The picture of QB Len Dawson sitting on the bench smoking a cigarette during a game is priceless and conjures up a question: Is it a Coke or a beer in the bottom on the ground before him?
Text answers to : 515-418-4423

Friday question about Mystical sports events?

Tim Tebow’s 3:16 game as the Denver Broncos beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on January 8, 2012.
If this game doesn’t define “Mystical” I don’t know what does??

Quote of the Day:
12- Step meeting Portland, Maine a woman who says she has beaten herself up for years. She had trouble forgiving herself.
Job after job, self-hatred and self-sabotage was her way of life until

“I put away the bat and picked up a feather.”

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