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June 7th – 9th

Was that a puck I heard drop? Finally, tomorrow night we get Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Florida Panthers and the Edmonton Oilers.

The Skinny:
Panthers avenge last year’s Finals loss with a 4-2 series conquest.

Conn Smythe 🏆:
Sam Reinhart

Six Celtic players in double-figures, a rollicking home crowd at the Gah-Den and a clear message to the Dallas Mavericks. ‘You may beat us, but aren’t beating ourselves.’

The Mavs looked intimidated and a 9-0 immediate 2nd quarter spurt by the Celtics (Three 3’s!) and the D
Boys never really recovered as the lead swelled to 20.

Kyrie Irving was just plain no-factor. 12 points , 0/5 from distance …

Luka scored 30 and looked bad doing it. Hey, it didn’t whine because he was too embarrassed.

Delonte West played for both the Celtics and the Mavericks …other teams too. West bought homes for both his parents, gave generously to other family members.

Like so many former professional athletes once the cheering stopped, Delonte’s life quickly spun out of control. Homeless and broke, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban spotted West panhandling in Dallas and picked him up at a gas station and got him shelter and some help.

West is in court today in Virginia after being revived with Narcan from an apparent drug overdose. Police discovered an outstanding warrant.

While two of his former teams battled on the floor of the Boston Garden last night, Delonte West is fighting another round with the insidiousness of addiction.

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