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June 6th 2024

Groundhog Day. The White Sox on back-to-back nights almost identically followed a script right out of the movie starring lifelong Cubs fan Bill Murray.

The consecutive 7-6 losses sprinkling in blown 5-1 leads just amazing. While the Southsiders are facing a 110-plus loss season, the Cubs pulled back to the .500 mark with a 100 games to go and a sense of upward momentum. We’ll see what the Counsellor has to say about this.

Sports Closet items:
College Football Playoff begins on December 20th. The title game a month later in Atlanta…

NBA left $ on the table raking in 76 billion from its 11 year deals with NBC, ESPN & Amazon.

TNT has 24/25 season as a victory lap of sorts.
Forget the idea of “Inside the NBA” with Sir Charles, Shaq, Ernie and Kenny the Jet going along for the ride. Ernie is sounding the ‘it’s closing time’ alarm.

Yankee pitcher Luis Gil (pronounced HEEL) looks like Pedro Martinez redux. 8-1 mark so far with a powder keg of run support from “Murders’ Row’ revisited.

It just feels like the Celtics will finally ramp up after three series where they thwarted 3 injury-riddled opponents in Miami, Cleveland and Indiana.

Refreshing to hear Jayson Tatum admitting he “feels the pressure” of an unrelenting Celtics fan base that can turn on a dime. If Tatum hits his first few beyond the arc, he likely settles in and gets things rolling.

However, the Finals (see 2022’) and the enormity therein, overwhelm him and he looks spooked.

The Pick:
Celtics in 6.
They go up 2-0 in Boston; split a pair in Dallas and register Title # 18 in the Garden in Game 6.
If so, grab a Cohiba and light one up for Red and the Little Leprechaun 🍀…. Finally, wear it well Boston. Don’t soil anything with mistreatment of Kyrie & Company. Take a page from the digits above you in rafters.

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