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June 20th 2024

Summer has arrived!

Very proud of my niece Ashleigh in Indianapolis working the US Olympic Swimming Trials at converted Lucas Oil Stadium.
“Ash” is also a great Mom and seems to be juggling a great career and a family.

When I think of Ashleigh, brothers Matt & Andy and the whole Burakiewicz family, I get to revisit my late sister Maureen’s incredible life. “Mo Mo” passed away in May of 2015 after a courageous battle with ALS.
Just like our Mom, family meant everything to Mo. Everything!

I think it’s important to mention sportswriter Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star at this time as well. While we received her devastating diagnosis in 2012, Greg – a frequent guest on radio shows “Marty & Miller”- took a genuine interest and care in Mo’s plight.

He became a true friend. Calls, texts, emails – visits even. Kind of beyond belief. When she finally succumbed to her illness he was one of the first to visit and offer his condolences.

Doyle is seen as a polarizing figure. He’s not afraid to speak/write his opinions — he’s a columnist! You either love or despise him; however, you can’t ignore him. He is never dull.

I’m convinced he’s “dumb like a fox.” One minute he’s ripping a coach, player… heck, another media member! No one got a hall pass. He knew how to poke and prod. Masterfully.

He also has a HEART ❤️ beyond words. Years have passed. He’s written and spoken millions of words. But I harken back to a column he wrote chronicling Maureen’s last few years; I read it often and it pangs as much today as it did in early May 2015.

Doyel has known ups & downs – he shared them openly. His exchange with Caitlin Clark a few months back was a little harmless humor run amuck. He meant no harm and the whole ordeal was way overblown. Caitlin has said as much!

My point is this: “You stand to
be judged or condemned according to the same standard you hold.”

RIP Donald Sutherland. Masterful actor.

Gregg Doyel/Indianapolis Star

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