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June 19th 2024

Chicago sports are brutal to watch right now. As I went through O’Hare airport this morning to buy a paper—it was a major task!!The woman at the Hudson newsstand had to help me with self-pay I somehow could not find a way to pay in English. It asked me about German, français and any other way imaginable for currency or an approval …I just wanted to lay out the three dollars for the Chicago Tribune.

I guess in a way I’m like the insufferable Chicago sports fans. The White Sox are God awful. The Cubs can’t get any consistency together the Bears well we’ll get to them in a moment the Bulls are irrelevant, and the Blackhawks are bottom feeders.

So for the last fortnight, I’ve got to experience the joys of Boston in the lows of Chicago and Dallas somewhere in between. I guess what it boils down to is your sports fan for a particular city- a franchise or a player, perhaps. True fans?…you have to ride high with the good times, and you’ve gotta keep your head above water during the low times; life as a sports fan who do thunk it was a simple.

The one savior for the Chicago Bears perhaps is Caleb Williams will actually pan out to be a premier NFL quarterback. But then again, you gotta remember this is Chicago and it’s the Bears, so anything is possible! The one thing for sure is the NFC North he’s going to be the most contentious, most interesting and potentially the most exciting division in the NFL this coming season.

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