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May 16th 2024

He had a dream life. All-American career at Duke University followed up with an NBA run of 12 years and over 10-thousand points; a post-playing spot as a college basketball analyst on CBS TV… a wonderful life!

Yet when the final buzzer sounded on his playing days, when the final horn rang out on his broadcast assignments, he had a ‘Jump Ball’ with bottles of booze.

Mike Giminski tells his story in riveting, candid detail these days. “Two fifths a day”; vodka … all to calm the nerves and mental anguish of the “love of his life” dying suddenly in his arms.

The days and the empty bottles piled up. Each empty Glass Soldier convincing his woe-filled mind he could fight another day.

Each empty bottle discarded to the back woods lying together in a field of carnage. Until that fateful day… the day of recognition for every alcoholic who doesn’t die first.

“I was well over 300 pounds; death warmed over and while my friends and colleagues gave me a “two year hall pass” it was no secret Mike was in a death spiral.

Father’s Day weekend he arrived at a kitchen table littered with mud-caked vodka bottles with a note from his son Noah: “Dad… I love you and we need to get you help.” Love, Noah.

300 + pounds of humanity and false pride melted in shame and guilt. God intervening no doubt.

The G-Man was at his bottom. It was clear as day even with a mind warbled by alcoholism.

Rehab, a true no-turning-back-surrender, and a plea to God to relieve him from the bondage of alcohol… Honesty, Openness and
a Willingness were the ingredients to save his life.

And, the AA credo of One Day at a Time…

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