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May 15th 2024

Ugly and any assessment of a woman therein is not advisable.
Yet, Caitlin Clark’s WNBA debut versus the Connecticut Seesusk was ….ok, BAD. Really bad!

Clark’s stat line at first glance screams… “what can be so bad …20 points?” Ah, when a “double/double” includes 10 turnovers the debate stops right there, on the spot. UGLY!

Clark, we are finding, is easily rattled. 2 quick fouls and she was off-her-rocker pissed off. She goes off at anything, anyone… the calls were legit.

CC is the WNBA right now. Amidst, her lousy performance ESPN insisted on flashing her graphics once she finally scored an off a lay nearly 15 minutes into her debut. This is very much akin to when Tiger Woods’ golf scores would flash across B-roll from previous rounds to to give viewers what they came for : All Tiger, All the time.

Clark is in new terrain / shark infested waters. She’s the new arrival to the party and someone will always look to spit in her drink; she’s the Chosen One and it ain’t all that and a bag of nuts.

On to NY on Saturday against the Liberty. National TV, of course, and watch how they open the telecast with CC for all to See-See!
1:00p Eastern on ABC no less! Love it!

Celtics finish off second straight series against a under-manned opponent.
Bracing for Celtics-Knicks.

Gutsy Award:
Bruins. One bad call away from “leading” this series 3 games to 2.
Charlie McAvoy is coming around after disastrous puck-handling early on in this series. He’s a key just you watch and see!

Colorado. Not ready to bow out just yet.

NFL Schedule Release:
Bad TV. I’ll read it in 10 minutes online and post on refrigerator in 10 seconds.
Then, over the summer, bring it to the beach with a highlighter. The schedule is meant to be slooooow goooood!

Gutsy II: Tom Brady admitting Roast was a huge mistake. His kids got hurt by it. That’s all you need to know.
Having to hear about their Mom’s affairs is cruel. I’d have loved Brady going all- Will Smith on anyone of his “roasters” including the biggest, unfunny, disgusting Kevin Hart.
Now, that’s TV!

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