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June 3rd 2024

Caitlin Clark with a … “3”
Right? A logo 3 just a simple part of her nightly repertoire as a professional basketball player.

Not the case in New York Sunday as CC was held to a career-low 3 points and the Indians Fever were humiliated by the New York Liberty.

These are trying times for Caitlin to state the obvious. The silver lining in all of this is it’s balancing her out. The meteoric rise to fame and fortune is now tempered with strife …. and turmoil. What’s a good day if you don’t have a bad day to compare it to.

Days are turning into weeks and very likely an entire season for the WNBA rookie.

Very soon (today?) Clark will get her slot on the USA Women’s Olympic team. Paris the thought she gets left off!

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