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May 31st – June 2nd

Waiting …. the hardest part. Tom Petty.
NBA Finals next Thursday in Boston; NHL Finals next Saturday.

The wait IS going to be worth it on the NBA side.
The Celtics and the Dallas Mavericks are setting up for a series of “Rock Fights.”

Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving pose a formidable road block to the Celtics 18th World Championship without a doubt.

The Celtics dazzling duo
of of the “J’s”- Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are carrying a big load having taken up residence in the “your are not all-time greats until you hoist a championship banner to the Boston Garden rafters.

On the ice, meantime, a Stanley Cup Finals without the NY Rangers rings hollow. NYC loves big. Gotham is BIG! Anything else is a ho-hummer.

Friday night:
Edmonton inches closer with a win.

Caitlin Clark looks beaten and clubbed with a disorganized team with no end to the misery in sight. The Indiana Fever are devoid of any team chemistry whatsoever; the infighting, while no outward, is detectable with even a casual glance.
The coach is about to walk the plank and her successor inherits a mess. Can the Fever register double-digits in wins this year? Right now, that’s a huge stretch.

May 30th 2024

Well, we went way over the top on Dallas – Mavericks & Stars- and now both teams are playing with playoff pyro!

The Stars squandered a 2-0 lead last night as Edmonton responded with 5, that’s right 5 unanswered goals enroute to the 5-2 win- series now even at 2-2.

Momentum clearly on the Oilers side and their suspect goaltending becoming a non-issue.

Series very likely headed to 7 games and might as well say a sudden death OT to decide it.

The Mavericks would make history by blowing a 3-0 series lead … yet, remember 16 seeds never beat 1 seeds in the
NCAAs until they did… in consecutive years!

More Caitlin tonight in Indy. Versus Seattle. The buzz is barely palpable- there is no buzz actually.
You buy a ticket to go see CC shoot, struggle and score a little bit. If it’s a sellout tonight, I’ll be amazed and suspect it’ll be a faux-sellout. Fans disguised as empty seats.

Coach Sides is likely gone very soon. Lisa Bluder is not coming out of retirement to coach the Fever. She walked away from several million dollars at Iowa and $100k to toil in the WNBA is ludicrous. But an Skyper on Sports Byline asked.

Wolves by plenty

May 28th 2024

Dallas. Cowboys right?
Hold the phone. Looking pretty stout for both the basketball Mavericks and the Hockey Stars.

The Stars shook off an early 2-0 deficit before drilling the Edmonton Oilers moving to within 2 wins of a berth in the Stanley Cup Finals.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Oilers and Connor McDavid respond having given back home ice advantage to the Stars.
Although, home ice has been anything but an advantage throughout the postseason in the NHL.

Our hockey analyst Rick Carter weighs in tonight
on Sports Byline USA at 6:25p Eastern; 5p Central.
Tunein Radio

NBA…. Boston versus Dallas. This will be a very contentious series and I will resist the temptation to even remotely suggest that the Celtics are a lock to win their record 18th World Championship. Dallas scares me. Luka Doncic is a beast and flashes reminders of a guy who used to run the parquet panels of the Boston Garden- ah, he wore #33. Larry Joe Bird.
Throw in malcontent on the mend Kyrie Irving and any notion this will be fait accompli for the
Leapin’ Leprechauns 🍀
is foolhardy.

Sorry T- Wolves it’s over, but a great season nonetheless.

May 24th 2024

Any description of the Boston Celtics absolutely has to include

The Celtics first two playoff opponents – the Miami Heat & the Cleveland Cavaliers both were decimated by injuries – key players in Boston cases.

Now, Indiana loses – likely- Tyrese Halliburton on top of being down 2 games to none.

You’ll hear ‘it’s never over until you lose on your home court.’

It’s over. Bummer too because this series had potential to be very exciting and dangerous to a Celtics team that still has that “something’s missing” aura within it.

The sweep is coming and the rest might backfire. A real great wake-up call will be if Mr. Kyrie Irving and the Dallas Mavericks emerge out of the West.

Absolute must win for the NY Rangers. No opinion other than to submit the obvious: The Florida Panthers are very good… in every facet.

T-Wolves in a nice bounce back.

Caitlin and the 0-5 Indiana Fever hope to ignite a spark in LA against the “Sparks.”
ION TV has the telecast and ranks as a National Broadcast I suppose.
I think I get …eye on TV.
9p Central…

May 23rd 2024

Really ? Pacers & Fever!
Can you inbounds a basketball!!??

On consecutive nights, these two Hoosier State Athletic Entities were unable to execute simple passes to put a basketball in play to an awaiting teammate.

Her Airness, Caitlin Clark, fumbled a simple pass last night in the final seconds denying the Indiana Fever a shot at gaining their first win of the season. Trailing by a point, there was no guarantee of a Fever score to win the game.

Ok, fair enough… but can you just simply catch & shoot? It’s like the Pacers and Fever are drinking from the same water bottles!

The Fever are now 0-5. Coach Sides took Clark out of the game for 2 critical minutes with the game on the line. Clark had blood on shirt? Call
a timeout? Injury time out? Looked to me like she was giving CC a “breather.”

CC finished with 21 points along with 7 rebounds and 7 assists.
It was a grind and she is surrounded by seemingly befuddled teammates.

Coach Sides doesn’t need a seat warmer on her ride to work; her seat is hot and, frankly, rightly so. Her game management is a mess.
Her failure to disrupt oppositional runs is exasperating. Worse, CC doesn’t connect with her … at all.

36 of the Indiana Fever games are slated for Nationwide TV; ESPN has to be second-guessing this decision.
CC Effect is wearing thin and garbage-time logo
3’s feel like a game of Horse to me.

Sides might be gone by June 1.

The Pacers, leading by 1 with :01 to go in the game and inbounds the ball into the Boston basket and lose by 1.

May 22nd 2024

Miraculous… or just-plain-lucky??
Pick your poison.

The Boston Celtics stunned, ah, just about everybody with a 133-128 OT win against the Indiana Pacers.

The Pacers needed only to successfully inbounds the ball in the waning seconds of regulation and they WIN Game 1… in Boston.
They threw it away.

No offense to Celtics radio man Sean Grande, crunch time in this crazy finish was only befitting of the legendary Johnny Most.

“The Pacers throw it way!”

“Jaylen Brown hits a corner 3 with a Pacers player draped all over him!”

“Pacers coach Rick Carlisle has lost his mind.. the Ghosts of the Boston Garden Greats have arrived not a moment too soon.”

“Red Auerbach is out there somewhere and you know his lighting a victory cigar.”

Celtics up 1-0. File under: Garden Gift.

Florida in OT.
T- Wolves.

Amazing resilience shown by the townspeople of Greenfield, Iowa after yesterday’s devastating tornadoes. The news-clips are hard to watch.
WHO TV/Des Moines’ Jason Parkin did an incredible job. His live voiceovers were incredible and evenly delivered. Hard to do we can only imagine amid the impending doom approaching and the immediate obliteration you’ve just witnessed.

May 21st 2024

It’s getting hard to write this sad saga about Caitlin Clark. Ugh!
0-4 record. Let’s start there. The Indiana Fever are confusing team. Notice I didn’t say bad; you scratch whole watching them play. Helter- Skelter we called it many years ago.
Now, it’s just messed up basketball.

The answer is a WIN. Seattle next and we’ll hope to hear an exhale from the Pacific Northwest- if not the rumblings will get louder. Fever Coach Christine Sides seat will be running a fever too!
Heck, she’s on the hot seat already.

Stay tuned.

Tonight : Boston in a tight one.

The CC Chronicles

She’s struggling … and not loving life so far in the WNBA.

CC is worn out; she’s had ZERO down time since, ah…. Two years running.

Her college coach called it quits feeling the same burn out CC is dealing with.

CC’s opponents are all, well mostly, playing on fresh legs and a heightened spirit of a new season; CC is fried and forlorn.

The answer is time; a period of adjustment amid unrealistic expectations by a massive fan base.

She’ll rise… just you watch!

Lines to buy Caitlin Clark gear in NY

May 20th 2024

Let the NBA Final Four begin!

The Celtics/Pacers series could easily be coined “The Larry Bird Showdown” given his impact on both franchises.

High-scoring and uptempo tilts on tap: Boston in 6.

Out West, Dallas & Minnesota promises to be a high-flyer as well.
Minnesota in 6.

We’ll preview in detail tomorrow both series.

May 17th 2024

Breanna Stewart was holding court … High-above court actually inside Rocket Mortgage Center in Cleveland at the Women’s Final Four.

Stewart was there to support her UConners as they prepared for Iowa and Caitlin Clark about to tip-off below her “Loudville Lookout” in the RMC.

“Love what she (CC) is doing for our game,”
said Stewart. “The next level (WNBA) will be a real challenge … there are a lot of great players in our league.”

Stewart hinted Clark would find the transition a challenge as the players – across the board – are quicker, taller and …”tougher.”

What Stewart stopped short of saying is that Clark will/does have a target on her back. Clark and the Indiana Fever are an easy game to get up for.

Stewart got up alright!
31 points and 10 rebounds worth as her NY Liberty torched CC and the Fever 102-66 in Indianapolis last night.

Clark had 9 points. She can score 10 tying her shoes in the morning.
9 points! Ugly #2 …

The rematch is set for tomorrow afternoon 1p Eastern on ABC.

Speaking of ugly… Denver got drilled by 45.
But they win Game 7 against the T-Wolves… eh?