Which of These Sports Will Make Its Olympic Debut in Tokyo in 2020?

As we look ahead to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, let’s take a look at which sports will be making their debut at the games. From surfing to baseball/softball, there are sure to be some exciting new additions to the lineup!

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Tokyo 2020: What New Sports Will Be Introduced?

With the Olympic games set to return to Tokyo in 2020, there will be a few new sports making their debut at the event. These sports are not only popular in Japan, but around the world, and are sure to add an extra element of excitement to the games. So, which sports will be making their Olympic debut in 2020?

One of the most highly anticipated new additions to the Olympics is skateboarding. This fast-paced and thrilling sport has been gaining popularity around the world in recent years, and will now be featured prominently at the Tokyo Games. Skateboarding will be included in both the street and park competitions, giving athletes a chance to show off their skills on two of the most popular skateboarding disciplines.

Another new sport that will make its debut at Tokyo 2020 is surfing. This popular activity has long been considered an unofficial Olympic sport, and surfers have been campaigning for its inclusion for many years. Now, their efforts have finally paid off and surfing will make its official debut as an Olympic sport in 2020. The competition will take place at Tsurigasaki Beach in Chiba Prefecture, just outside of Tokyo.

Two sports that were previously included in the Olympics but were dropped after 2008 are set to make their return in 2020. Baseball and softball were both highly popular at past Olympic Games, and their return is sure to be welcomed by fans from all over the world. The baseball competition will take place at Yokohama Stadium, while softball will be played at Kasumigaseki Country Club

Why These Sports Were Chosen for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

While many familiar sports will be returning to the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020, there are several that will be making their debut. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has been working hard to keep the Games relevant and attractive to a wider audience and they believe that adding these new sports will help do just that. Here’s a look at the sports that have been added to the lineup for Tokyo 2020 and why they were chosen.

Rugby sevens, skateboarding, karate, baseball/softball and surfing were all approved for inclusion in the Tokyo 2020 program by the IOC’s executive board in 2016. These five sports were chosen from a list of 28 candidate sports that were put forward by the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee.

The criteria that were used to select the new sports for Tokyo 2020 IOC were:
-The sport must be widely practiced by men and women in different countries around the world.
-The sport must fit well with the conditions and facilities in Japan. For example, surfing will take place at Miyazaki Prefecture on the island of Kyushu while skateboarding will be held in suburban Tokyo.
-The sport must offer a good opportunity for Tokyo 2020 to connect with younger audiences. This is one of the key reasons why skateboarding was chosen as it is considered to be a “cool” sport with a huge following among young people.
-Adding the sport must not excessively increase costs or complicate logistics for the Organizing Committee.

How These Sports Will Impact the Olympics

The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will see the debut of several new sports, including skateboarding, karate, and surfing. These sports are sure to add an exciting new element to the Games, and they could also have a significant impact on the athletes who compete in them.

Skateboarding is one of the most popular sports among young people today, and it is sure to bring a new level of excitement to the Olympics. Karate is another sport that is growing in popularity, and it could provide a strong challenge for athletes from other disciplines. Surfing is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it will be great to see it featured prominently at the Olympics.

What Other Sports Could Have Been Chosen for Tokyo 2020

The Olympics are always a hotbed of controversies, and the selection of sports for the 2020 games in Tokyo is no different. Some sports have been dropped from the lineup, while others are being considered for the first time. Here’s a look at some of the sports that could have been chosen for Tokyo 2020 – and why they weren’t.

Archery was dropped from the lineup after being part of every Summer Olympics since 1972. The sport just isn’t as popular as it once was, and with so many other sports vying for a spot in the Olympics, it was an easy choice to cut archery.

Baseball and softball were also dropped from the lineup, much to the dismay of fans of those sports. The main reason for their exclusion is that there are already too many baseball and softball leagues around the world, and there’s no need to include them in the Olympics.

Rugby sevens is being considered for Tokyo 2020, but it didn’t make the cut this time around. The main reason is that there are already too many rugby leagues around the world, and including rugby sevens in the Olympics would just be redundant.

Another sport that’s being considered for Tokyo 2020 is karate. The sport has a strong following in Japan, but it’s still on the fence as to whether or not it will be included in the games. The main reason it hasn’t been chosen yet is because there are already too many martial arts disciplines in the Olympics, and karate would just be another one to add to the list.

The Pros and Cons of Adding New Sports to the Olympics

Since the first modern Olympics in Athens in 1896, the games have featured a variety of different sports. Some, like track and field, swimming, and gymnastics, have been mainstays since the beginning. Others have come and gone over the years, as the Olympics has sought to remain relevant to a changing world. For example, Basque pelota was featured at the 1900 games in Paris but hasn’t been seen since, while curling made its debut at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano and has been a fan favorite ever since.

With each new host city comes the opportunity to add new sports to the lineup. When Tokyo hosts the Summer Olympics in 2020, a total of five new sports will make their debut: baseball/softball, karate, skateboarding, surfing, and sport climbing. While some of these sports are relatively unknown to mainstream audiences, they all have passionate followings worldwide.

The addition of new sports is not without its controversy, however. Some purists argue that only traditional Olympic sports should be included, while others believe that the games should feature only those sports with mass global appeal. There is also the question of cost: adding new sports means building new venues and training staff to support them, which can add up quickly.

Ultimately, it is up to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to decide which sports will be included in each edition of the games. The IOC takes into consideration many factors when making their decisions, including popularity of the sport globally, support from host countries and cities, fan interest, and TV ratings. With so many factors to consider, it’s no wonder that adding new sports to the Olympics is always a hot-button issue.

How Will These Sports Change the Dynamic of the Olympics?

The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo will feature several sports that are making their debut at the games. These sports include karate, skateboarding, baseball, softball, surfing, and climbing. While some of these sports have been contested at previous Olympic games, they are making their debut as official medal events in 2020. How will these sports change the dynamic of the Olympics?

With the addition of these new sports, the Olympics will appeal to a wider audience. The inclusion of sports like skateboarding and surfing will bring in younger viewers, while the addition of karate and climbing will appeal to those who are looking for more action-packed competitions. The addition of baseball and softball will also be popular with American viewers.

With so many new sports being added to the lineup, there is sure to be something for everyone at the 2020 Olympics. How will you be watching?

What This Means for Future Olympics

As the world anxiously awaits the start of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, let’s take a look at some of the new sports that will be making their debut at the games. These include baseball/softball, karate, skateboarding, surfing, and sport climbing, which were all approved by the International Olympic Committee in 2016.

The addition of these sports is in keeping with the IOC’s goal of making the Olympics more “urban and youthful,” as well as increasing gender equality (surfing and climbing will be open to both men and women). It will be interesting to see if these sports catch on and become mainstays of future Olympic games.

Can These Sports Sustain Their Popularity After the Olympics?

While baseball and softball were voted back into the Summer Olympics for 2020, there are several other sports that will be making their debut at the Tokyo games. Some, like surfing and skateboarding, are already quite popular, while others are more niche. Will these sports be able to sustain their popularity after the Olympics?

-Skateboarding: Skateboarding is already a hugely popular sport, with an estimated 12 million practitioners in the United States alone. It was already set to make its debut at the Youth Olympics in 2018 before being added to the Tokyo lineup.

-Surfing: Surfing is another sport that has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. It will make its Olympic debut in Tokyo, with both men’s and women’s competitions.

-Sports Climbing: Sports climbing, which includes disciplines like bouldering and speed climbing, will also be making its Olympic debut in Tokyo. It is a relatively new sport, but one that has been growing in popularity in recent years.

-Baseball/Softball: Baseball and softball were voted back into the Olympics for 2020 after being absent for 12 years. Both sports have a long history and are popular worldwide.

-Karate: Karate will also make its debut at the Tokyo Olympics. It is a martial art that originated in Japan and has been gaining popularity around the world in recent years.

What Impact Will These Sports Have on Olympic Viewership?

The Olympics are always a much-anticipated event, as the world’s best athletes come together to compete for gold. However, the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will be debuting some new sports, which has some people wondering what impact this will have on viewership.

Three new sports will be making their debut at the 2020 Olympics: karate, skateboarding, and surfing. While some people are excited to see these sports included, others are worried that they will take away from more traditional Olympic sports.

There is no doubt that the addition of these sports will add an element of excitement for some viewers. However, it is important to remember that the Olympics are about more than just entertainment. They are also about competition and athletics. For this reason, it is important that the new sports do not take away from the core values of the Olympics.

How Will These Sports Be Received by Olympians?

With the Olympics coming up in just a few short years, it’s time to start thinking about which sports will make their debut at the Tokyo games. While many traditional sports will always have a place in the Olympics, there are always new ones being added to keep things fresh. For the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, these five sports will be making their debut:

-Skateboarding: This sport has been gaining popularity in recent years, especially among younger generations. It will be interesting to see how it is received by Olympians and fans alike.
-Surfing: Another popular sport that is often associated withyounger people. It will be interesting to see if this one catches on as much as skateboarding.
-Sports Climbing: A more niche sport, but one that could be very exciting to watch. Olympians are sure to be impressed by the athleticism and skill required to compete at the highest level.
-Baseball/Softball: These two sports have been absent from the Olympics for over a decade, but they are set to make their triumphant return in 2020. It will be interesting to see how they are received by both fans and athletes.
-Karate: A traditional martial art that originates from Japan. It is sure to be a popular event with both Japanese fans and athletes alike.

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