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July 1st 2024

The Boston Celtics are for sale. What a buzz kill.
18th World Championship in the bank and the ownership group wants more — as in green backs!

Let’s hope it’s a group with Tom Brady, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck minus J- Lo.

The Celtics will fetch a bundle no doubt; too bad ownerships anymore just want to cash out on a high. Easy to understand, yet this group has it going. Soon they will be gone.

Breaking: Klay Thompson to the Mavs.
Lakers will regret not getting him done and in their fold.

Euro2024 is just awesome. England win on Sunday was miraculous!

June 27th 2024

15 year old Miles Russell fired a -2 par round today at the Rocket Mortgage Classic. 2 rounds complete he’s at level par and will be a must watch this weekend if he can make the cut at the Detroit Golf Club.

Alex Cora is out the door at season’s end with the Boston Red Sox. What he is doing with this rag tag group is amazing.
He will have multiple suitors.

Giancarlo Stanton of the Yankees is a prolific hitter and the poster child for injury proneness… dude gets hurt brushing his teeth …

June 26th 2024

Hats off to the Florida Panthers! Wild & crazy series and the last 3 minutes was riveting. ABC/ ESPN play-by-play man Sean McDonough aced the entire series … and the playoffs!

Ah, the Knicks just drew a line in the sand. The Boston Celtics – NY Knicks rivalry is back !!!

With the addition of Mikal Bridges look out. The Knicks are officially loaded.

Tyler Lavigne on Soccer is tremendous … find out tonight at 6:25p Eastern.

Well, the Red Sox, if nothing else, are getting to be fun to watch.

The Cubs? Bullpen is putrid.

The NBA Draft should be done in private. Why? Who really cares?

Scottie Scheffler is almost a turn key golfer. Hartford was exciting, but you knew he’d win it.

I want Rory to win the British Open. His vacation was a smart move.

Lionel Messi is an incredible watch. But I must say, Soccer detractors got a lot of ammunition with all these draws.

June 24th 2024

Thoughts while waiting for Phil Steele’s annual College Football magazine…er, Bible.

Can Edmonton really do it?
Yup, but they won’t…
4-2 Florida Panthers tonight…

Euro and Copa talk tonight with Tyler Lavigne.…6:25p Eastern

Jarue Holiday story is amazing.
Love the guy!

Oh, yes… Germany 🇩🇪 wins the Euro 2024 Cup.

Red Sox and Twins battle for a Wild Card slot?

Got to run to watch Italy – Croatia… Lavigne says Italy might be picked off. Volare’

June 22nd 2024

Sports Overnight America welcomes WGCH / Gold Coast Connecticut to our lineup!
Tune in Radio
Greenwich, CT, Westport, CT Mt. Kisco, NY, White Plains & Rye, NY

Red Sox affiliate too!

Bob Small, Operations Mgr. Thank you !


June 20th 2024

Summer has arrived!

Very proud of my niece Ashleigh in Indianapolis working the US Olympic Swimming Trials at converted Lucas Oil Stadium.
“Ash” is also a great Mom and seems to be juggling a great career and a family.

When I think of Ashleigh, brothers Matt & Andy and the whole Burakiewicz family, I get to revisit my late sister Maureen’s incredible life. “Mo Mo” passed away in May of 2015 after a courageous battle with ALS.
Just like our Mom, family meant everything to Mo. Everything!

I think it’s important to mention sportswriter Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star at this time as well. While we received her devastating diagnosis in 2012, Greg – a frequent guest on radio shows “Marty & Miller”- took a genuine interest and care in Mo’s plight.

He became a true friend. Calls, texts, emails – visits even. Kind of beyond belief. When she finally succumbed to her illness he was one of the first to visit and offer his condolences.

Doyle is seen as a polarizing figure. He’s not afraid to speak/write his opinions — he’s a columnist! You either love or despise him; however, you can’t ignore him. He is never dull.

I’m convinced he’s “dumb like a fox.” One minute he’s ripping a coach, player… heck, another media member! No one got a hall pass. He knew how to poke and prod. Masterfully.

He also has a HEART ❤️ beyond words. Years have passed. He’s written and spoken millions of words. But I harken back to a column he wrote chronicling Maureen’s last few years; I read it often and it pangs as much today as it did in early May 2015.

Doyel has known ups & downs – he shared them openly. His exchange with Caitlin Clark a few months back was a little harmless humor run amuck. He meant no harm and the whole ordeal was way overblown. Caitlin has said as much!

My point is this: “You stand to
be judged or condemned according to the same standard you hold.”

RIP Donald Sutherland. Masterful actor.

Gregg Doyel/Indianapolis Star

June 19th 2024

Chicago sports are brutal to watch right now. As I went through O’Hare airport this morning to buy a paper—it was a major task!!The woman at the Hudson newsstand had to help me with self-pay I somehow could not find a way to pay in English. It asked me about German, français and any other way imaginable for currency or an approval …I just wanted to lay out the three dollars for the Chicago Tribune.

I guess in a way I’m like the insufferable Chicago sports fans. The White Sox are God awful. The Cubs can’t get any consistency together the Bears well we’ll get to them in a moment the Bulls are irrelevant, and the Blackhawks are bottom feeders.

So for the last fortnight, I’ve got to experience the joys of Boston in the lows of Chicago and Dallas somewhere in between. I guess what it boils down to is your sports fan for a particular city- a franchise or a player, perhaps. True fans?…you have to ride high with the good times, and you’ve gotta keep your head above water during the low times; life as a sports fan who do thunk it was a simple.

The one savior for the Chicago Bears perhaps is Caleb Williams will actually pan out to be a premier NFL quarterback. But then again, you gotta remember this is Chicago and it’s the Bears, so anything is possible! The one thing for sure is the NFC North he’s going to be the most contentious, most interesting and potentially the most exciting division in the NFL this coming season.

June 18th 2024

Championship #18 is officially in the books for the Boston Celtics.

The “J’s”!
Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown finally have the gorilla off their backs; Brown was named MVP and while you could argue otherwise, why bother?

Tatum stepped up with a 31 point performance putting no doubt in anyone’s mind there would be no hangover from Friday’s thrashing in Dallas.

Before the ink is dry on this script, the legions want multiple titles from this Big 2. We’ll see. The J’s have arrived make no mistake.

For the best photo coverage of Celtics record-setting title #18
punch up

June 17th 2024

BOSTON- The headlines are brutal “Gory Rory…”
Fleet Street is having a hay day.

For Rory McIlroy, this is major devastation once again. Two blown putts on holes 16 & 18 sealed his fate in the 124th US Open. The 2 foot putt on 16 never had a chance.

As much as McIlroy choked this one away, Bryson DeChambeau WON it with an epic,”nerves of steel” up & down on the 18th hole.

DeChambeau now has 2 US Open Championships under his belt – McIlroy adds another brutal loss in a Major to his resume. Too bad. Classy guy who has a world class game.

Color me nervous. Celtics NEED to not close the door against Dallas – but SLAM IT !

The Sports Junk Drawer:
The Yankees got their heels cooled a bit against the rival Red Sox… as mediocre as the  Olde Towne Team is, there is some juice when the Yankees/Sox collide …

Oh no… MOOKIE! Broken bones in the wrist hands take a while… bummer.

Cubs are impossible to figure out!

Classy move by the Iowa Cubs with the Perry, Iowa baseball community.

A great listen is “Blake Bern” Sports Byline.
Saturday night’s at 7:40p Eastern/6:40p
Central. “Health & Wellness” podcast serves up great ideas and a weekly motivator.

Podcast on IHeart Radio “Sports Overnight America.”

June 15th-16th 2024

Geez Dallas, act like you’ve won something!

The Mavericks 122-84 drubbing of the Boston Celtics was painful indeed. Yet, it’s nothing more than a “Stay of Execution, Texas Style.”

This goofy franchise with a collection of crybabies and misfits, is not winning any NBA Championship anytime soon.

Predictably, the Celtics were in full tank mode and looked like a team they wanted to be anywhere but American Airlines Arena.

Jaylen Brown was putrid; Jayson Tatum was even worse. Turnovers, horrible shot selections and listless on defense. The Celtics treated Game 4 like it was a preseason tilt.

Fear not, Monday night the Celtics will win a long overdue, high-scoring game —
( these grunge matches are over) and send the
Miserable Mavs along their way.

The Skinny:
Rory is poised to win his 2nd US Open… -9 seems to be the number…

Croatia 🇭🇷 in Euro 2024 today…